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Creative Caterpillars 6 weeks-18 months

Discover the wonders of early development in our special class for infants aged 6 weeks to 18 months! Our loving environment provides a sensory-rich experience, fostering bonding between caregivers and babies. Through gentle activities, music, and sensory play, we support your little one's growth and exploration. Join us for a nurturing space where the youngest members of our community can thrive, giggle, and embark on their exciting journey of discovery.

Welcome to our enchanting Infant Classroom, a haven designed for the tiniest members of our community, aged 6 weeks to 18 months. Nestled in a cozy, soothing environment, our dedicated team of caregivers provides a warm and nurturing space for your precious little ones.

In our Infant Classroom, we prioritize the development of a strong bond between caregivers and babies. We understand the importance of building a secure attachment, and our attentive staff is here to provide the love and care your infant needs during these formative months.

The room is thoughtfully arranged with age-appropriate, soft furnishings and a gentle color palette to create a serene atmosphere. Soft, soothing lullabies and gentle sounds fill the air, creating a peaceful ambiance that promotes relaxation and comfort.

Our days are filled with a carefully curated blend of activities designed to engage and stimulate your infant's senses. From tummy time to sensory play, our experienced caregivers facilitate moments of exploration, fostering early cognitive and motor skill development. We also encourage interaction between infants, providing opportunities for budding friendships to blossom.

Safety is paramount in our Infant Classroom. The space is meticulously baby-proofed, ensuring a secure environment for your little explorer. Our caregivers are trained in infant CPR and first aid, and we maintain a low caregiver-to-infant ratio to ensure each child receives individualized attention.

As partners in your child's early development, we prioritize open communication. Our caregivers provide daily updates, including feeding and diapering details, as well as sharing special moments through photos and notes. We believe in building a strong connection with parents, creating a collaborative environment that supports the unique needs of each infant.

In our Infant Classroom, we recognize the immense trust you place in us as caregivers, and we are dedicated to providing a nurturing and loving space where your infant can thrive. Join us on this magical journey of discovery, growth, and the joy of early childhood in our Classroom.

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