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Through Love and Play we Learn

Love N Cherish Academy has earned and maintained a Level A+ rating from ABC Quality. ABC Quality is South Carolina’s statewide rating and improvement system (QRIS) for childcare and early education. While licensing sets standards for health and safety, ABC Quality is voluntary for childcare providers and promotes excellence in meeting the total needs of children. Love N Cherish Academy undergoes vigorous announced and unannounced visits from ABC Quality Assessors to ensure our school is promoting excellence in meeting the total needs of children.


Parent Partnerships

You have a voice in the school you have chosen for your child through participating in the PTO. Stay in the loop on your child’s progress with our twice-yearly Parent-Teacher Conferences. Join us for family events, like our Lunch with Someone Special, Family Fun Nights, Potluck, Sweethearts Luncheon, Spring and Fall Festival, and much more!


ONLY authorized persons are allowed to enter the building by using their pin number in our secure entry system. Any unknown person MUST ring the bell for entry by team, ensuring your child’s safety throughout the day!


Mini Farm

Our 7-acre campus houses a mini farm where students learn responsibility through daily farm chores such as feeding and watering, cleaning, and grooming. Life skills are also developed because some things come from life experiences, therefore through farming teaches students life skills working hard, communication, caring for others and much more. Students who farm learn how important their role is in the production of the food that feeds them, their families, and their friends

Onsite Garden

Our students and families plant our gardens together. We talk about planting and growing vegetables and the benefits of healthy eating. The students plant cucumbers, watermelon, strawberries, pumpkins, tomatoes, lettuce, squash, to name a few. The students participate in the planting, caring of, and picking of the vegetables and fruit. Then they get to sample the items they grew!


Parent Communication App

Our teachers communicate your child’s daily activities with you through Procare® app . Diapers, bottles, snacks, naps, and activities are all entered, as well as reminders of supplies and upcoming events. You can also use the app to communicate with your child’s teacher and the administrative team any time you have a question or concern. You will always know what happened in your child’s day!

Amazing Outdoor Classroom

Your child has the opportunity to interact with friends, play music on our music wall, climb, run, jump, skip, interact with the insects in the gardens, and make mud pies in the mud kitchen in our enclosed outdoor classroom. We encourage the children to explore to their hearts’ are content!


Team Wellness Program

We empower our teachers to create safe, nurturing, and dynamic classroom environments, customized curriculum, and strong engagement with families. Our wonderful teachers are CPR and First-Aid certified and are members of SCECA which is the biggest professional development organization in South Carolina. Teachers undergo vigorous paid training and monthly team meetings providing your child with the most high-quality early education experience possible.

Food Pantry Partnership

Whether during the early years of leaving home after graduation, attending college, starting a family, and/or between jobs many work daily and need assistance with food. Our school is here to help those who fit the above situations. LNCA’s parent organization provides food boxes and from time-to-time household items for families who attend LNCA.

Through Love and Play We Learn!

Welcome to Love N Cherish

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