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Wooden Toys

Our Programs

Creative Caterpillars   6 weeks- 18 months

Our infant classroom is a warm and nurturing environment devoted to the well-being of your infant. They will run the show in their classroom eating and sleeping on demand. 


Dancing Dinosaurs      2 years-3 years

Our older toddlers are curious and seem to have limitless energy. Our older toddler classroom is designed to use that energy for your child’s learning with a ratio of 1 teacher to 7 students teachers support and encourage the toddler’s independence. 


Awesome Ants 18months-30 months

Our toddlers learn to develop their skills by exploring and playing in our safe sensory filled environment. Each day is filled with learning activities disguised as fun, designed to promote your toddler’s natural curiosity, blossoming independence, foster self-confidence, and develop their social skills. 


Chipper Chipmunks 3years-5 years

Our pre-kindergarten classroom is focused on elementary school readiness. Throughout the day the pre-k students have multiple opportunities to learn through creative hands activities and foster care through the care of our mini farm. 

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