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Awesome Ants 18mos-30mos

Is your toddler Antsy to learn? Awesome Ants is perfect for you!

Trainsitioning from a baby to toddler can be a struggle we are here to help! You and your toddler with our help will build and develop their socail skills, fine-motor skills, and more.

Each classroom does a weekly cooking activity to grow the fine motor skills and to grow their pallet. With creative combinations using healthy alternatives we can promote healthy eating habits for home.

Each day is filled with learning activities disguised as fun, designed to promote your toddler’s natural curiosity, blossoming independence, foster self-confidence, and develop their social skills. The toddler’s classroom is staffed with a 1 teacher to 5 students with a group size of 12 which allows teachers to provide individualized activities for your child’s age and stage of development. 

The teachers also partner with you to help your child with potty readiness. You will be amazed at just how much your toddler will learn in our fun top notch Toddler Class!

Teeth Brushing



Pre-Potty Training

Student Gallery

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